Jennifer Eppes Randles is our Oral Historian with expereince as both a Journalist and Photographer. Her career path has been mostly in reporting, editing, research, photography and marketing. Working directly with our clients she finds the stories that are important, interesting, and valuable to both the interviewee and to the persons with whom they wish to share their life experiences. She has a wide variety of experiences in her personal and professional life that enables her to be empathic, regardless of what the interviewee wishes to impart.

Dell Neal is a retired executive. Missing the fast pace she had become accustomed to, but wanting to have time off for her grandchildren, she joined us as a Consultant. She has worked with people her entire career and we’ve found that our clients relate to her and she is able to expedite our projects.

Derrick Randles is our Videographer, Photographer and Technical Advisor. He works directly with our clients using our equipment to record the interview. After our session is over he returns to his shop where he edits the material and downloads it to a HD DVD. He has won “Script a Wish” in screenwriting and is continuing his education at the University of Houston.